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The Committees.

The Committees

Studying law in Stockholm is more than just sitting in the library, memorising articles and carrying heavy books. Many people think that studying at Stockholm University and student life aren’t compatible, but that’s just a myth. The difference between Stockholm and other student cities is that here you can choose just how involved you want to be.

This is where JF comes into the picture. We are situated at the Law Students’ House (Juristernas Hus) on the hill behind Aula Magna. We want to make your time at Stockholm Universtiy as enjoyable as possible. Within the association there are several committees that you can join.
• International Law Student Mentorship will help you with the answers to any questions you may have, such as where to find legal cases or where the best place to have lunch is.
• The Social Collegium (Klubbmästeriet) works in the bar at the Law Students’ House and organises all the parties and our popular Thursday pubs.
• The Athletic Committee (Idrottskommittén) offers sports in the sports hall Frescatihallen. It’s never too late to participate in JF’s acitivities and it will definitely make your time here more fun!
• The Information Committee (Informationskommittén) is responsible for the Law Associations marketing and apperance. We take care of the website and the Law Associations own magazine, iusbäraren. It is also the Information Committee who produce the posters and other folders.
• The Business Relations Committee (Marknadskommittén) facilitates contacts between students and the business community and organises our popular Legal Work Fair (Juristdagarna) in the autumn.
• The Jesting Collegium (Underhållningsmästeriet) offers entertainment and laughs even during your darkest study moments.
• The International Committee (Internationella kommittén) arranges trips to other cities in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.
International Law Student Mentorship
International Law Student Mentorship

International Law Student’s Mentorship Program
The international law student’s mentorship program (ILM) is a program for all the exchange and master students who come to Stockholm to study law. Everyone is placed in a Mentorgroup with two mentors and at least one more international student. The mentors help guide the international student through the time here in Stockholm.

Our mentors are available for questions about everything from school to social events.
Every semester there are between 50-200 law students arriving to Stockholm hoping to have a good time while studying at the university. This is where ILM joins the picture. ILM is a way to connect our Swedish students with the international students.
Together we have parties, game nights, study trips and much more.

If you want to meet international students and get to know new people from all around the world you should join the International Committee and especially ILM. Every new semester we are looking for new mentors wo can be a part of our happy team and help enrich the arriving students’ life as well as their own.

If you are new to Stockholm you should join ILM to get a mentor and be able to participate in all of our events.
For more information, contact



The Nordic Cooperation

The Law Student’s Association is a proud member of the Nordic Cooperation. The cooperation includes 11 law student’s associations in the five Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland). The aim and purpose of this cooperation is to encourage and foster contacts between Nordic students. It also enables students to get a glimpse of not only the daily life but also the legal systems of our neighbouring countries.

The core of the cooperation is the Nordic weeks, which revolves around a specific legal theme. Every association arranges their own week each year in connection with its annual gala ball and to which they invite students from the other associations to participate. The weeks include study trips, lectures, dinners and lots of partying related to the theme of the week.

For more information about the Nordic cooperation, contact Helia Roofpanah:

The study trip group

Are you interested in finding out more about an international career?


This group arrange study trips around Europe to promote and inform students about alternate career possibilities for those who are interested in working abroad.


Previous journey have went to Brussel, London and Hague where the participants visited law firms, courts, organizations, different departments of parliaments and of course some recreational visits to restaurants, theatres etc.

The trip takes place sometime during the last part of the spring semester with 20-30 students accompanying.


If you’re interested in joining this group feel free to contact

The Social Collegium
The Social Collegium

There are those who say that the there is no student life in Stockholm. We who are a part of the social collegiums knows that this is not true. There is an active student life, and you are most welcome to join.


Just as The Law Association, The Social Collegium was founded in 1907 and has since then worked towards an active student life. The Social Collegium is presently, memberwise, the largest committee in the Law Association. Therefore, do not be surprised if the one sittning next to you in the library might serve your beer next Thursday at the pub!


The Social Collegium’s primary task is to make it easier for the hard-working law student to in a cosy environment spend time with friends. Therefore we have a pub at the Law House every Thursday. This is not all! The Social Collegium also host a number of parties every semester.


Our active members are divided into four ”party teams”, each led by the ”barchief”. These party teams are responsible for the pub once a month and a few parties each semester.


Do you feel like joining and becoming a member of this happy crowd, contact

The Athletics Committee
The Athletics Committee

It’s never too late to participate in JF’s acitivities and it will definitely make your time here more fun!


Through the Athletics Committee you have the oportunity to participate in and influence the athletic activities in the Law Association. The Athletic Committee works towards connecting our members interest of sports and in that way build bridges between the semesters and/or business life.


We arrange floor ball tournaments, backpacking in the mountains, ski trips and participate as judges at the Proppen (a volleyball tournament for our first-term students). We are also the organizers of the Lawyers’ floor ball tournament. Every week all members of the Law Association have the opportunity to play floor ball, soccer and badminton at Frescatihallen.


Are you interested of joining the Athletics Committee or have questions about the athletic activities, contact

The Information Committee
The Information Committee

The information Committee is responsible for the Law Associations marketing and appearance.

We take care of the website and the Law Associations own magazine, Iusbäraren.

It is also the Information Committee who produce the posters and other folders.


If you have any questions or would like to help us in our work, contact

The Business Relations Committee
The Business Relations Committee

The Business Relations Committee is responsible for the contacts with the business community that the Law Association has, they can be said to be the link between student life and working life.


We are a part of and administrate the associations cooperation agreements with partners and sponsors. We procure the students’ contacts with future employers foremost through visits to companies and presentations of companies during the semester. We are also responsible for bigger arrangements such as the local finale in The Swedish Championship in Law and The Legal Work Fair held in October.


We are looking for active members to our committee, therefore if you want to come in contact with different companies and potential employers as well as help planning visits to companies and similar tasks – do not hesitate to contact us at

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