The Law Students' Association (JF)
for students at the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University

The Law Students' Association is a non-profit, non-political organization. The Association is led by the board, consisting of 13 members, which are responsible for different committees and sub-groups where you as a member can participate in The Associations work. In addition, the highest decision-making body of the association, which is open for all members to attend, is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 


Our aim is to foster law studies at Stockholm University and to facilitate a feeling of belongingness and lifelong bonds. We do this by offering a wide variety of social activities as well as facilitating contact with future employers, this work is done at the committee level through student parties, pubs, trips to other law faculties, mentorship programmes etc. More information about how you can engage in the student community here can be found under "Committees". 


The main office of our association is located at Frescativägen 16, in The Law Students' House (Swe: Juristernas Hus, colloquially called "huset" or "the house"). It is situated next to Aula Magna on Frescati campus and is the venue for most of our events. Quick history: The building, specially built for The Law Students' Association, is designed by the famous architect Ralph Erskine and was inaugurated in 1990. 



Are you a new student in Stockholm? We have a special programme designed for you as an exchange student (International Law Mentorship-programme, ILM) or as a local student (Fadderiet) in the beginning of each semester. For more information, contact (eng) or (swe) respectively.

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